My Calligraphy Journey

Today I want to share a little about my calligraphy journey. I have been practicing calligraphy seriously for almost 3 years. I started towards the end of 2016 with the Postman’s Knock Amy style worksheet, sumi ink, a straight pen, and a Nikko G nib.  Below is a picture of one of my first few attempts at writing calligraphy.


I continued to practice with various worksheets and videos I found online and eventually signed up to take a 4 week copperplate class at Society of Scribes in NYC. It wasn’t until I took this class that calligraphy really clicked for me.  I learned about the history of calligraphy and the proper formation of letter forms. I learned how to hold a dip pen properly and how to regulate the pressure of my downstrokes to create thick but graceful downstrokes.  Overall, the class was so amazing and if you have an opportunity you should definitely take a class to learn copperplate.  The class should be several weeks long so you really have the opportunity to practice often and get feedback.  Modern calligraphy is based on copperplate calligraphy so learning copperplate has improved my modern calligraphy skills.

See below for some examples of my calligraphy before I took the class.


Here are some photos of my calligraphy after the class.  My style has evolved to be more traditional and delicate.


I love to keep learning so I am now starting to learn Spencerian!  I’ve got some books and bought the online course from I am looking forward to chronically my journey to learn Spencerian on the blog.