Birthday Card Tutorial

Birthday Card Tutorial



Supplies needed:


Craft cards such as these or any other blank card




Markers (I used a Tombow fude black pen and a Tombow dual brush pen in green (color 158)) 



1.       Draw guidelines:

a.       Draw lines to mark the center of the card.


b.       Draw a line 0.25” above and 0.25” below the center line.

c.       On the top half of the card, draw two lines 0.5” apart starting from the line drawn 0.25” above the center.

d.       On the bottom half of the card, draw three lines 0.5” apart starting from the line drawn 0.25” below the center.   See below for how your card should look now.  I have written a “c” on the center line.


2.       Pencil in your lettering.  I chose to do block letters for the word happy and script for the word birthday.  I also have a free traceable printable for you here for the lettering if you don’t feel confident in your lettering. 


3.       Once you are done writing your letters in pencil, you can ink them.  I used the black marker for the word happy and then wrote birthday with the green tombow dual tip brush pen.  You can choose to write in brush calligraphy, write in faux calligraphy, or keep the letters the same thickness.


4.       Now we will draw the banner.  Draw a curved line above the word happy which starts at the top left edge of the card and ends at the middle of the card.  Repeat the same curved line from the top middle of the card to the right top corner.


5.       Draw small inverted triangle to represent the banners. 


6.       Now, outline the word HAPPY using the white gel pen.  In order to get the shading correct for the outline, imagine a light source on one corner of the card.  In my case, I pretended that the light source is on the left.  Therefore, all shading will be towards the right side of each letter and under the horizontal lines.  For curved lines, the shading follows the same principle and curves with the shape of the line.

7.       Next, add outlines for the word BIRTHDAY using the same steps outlined above.  Below is a closeup of the shading I did.  As you can see, I added outlines to the right side of every stroke, even the thin strokes.


8.       Color the banners using the white pen and the green brush pen.  Let the ink dry for a few minutes (or longer depending on the markers you used) and erase the lines.   Add dots randomly around the card using the white, black, and green pens.   Now, you are done!



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  There are so many ways to customize this card design.  Here are some ideas:

1.       Use different color combinations for the brush pens and/or the color of the card.  A black card with metallic lettering would look amazing.

2.       Use different styles of lettering.  For instance, you can write happy in script and birthday in block letters.

3.       Personalize the card by adding in the name of the recipient.

4.       Add an envelope liner coordinating with the color of the card.  See here for a tutorial on how to make your own envelope liners. 

I look forward to seeing the fun things you come up with.  Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or send me an email with your creations.  If you have any questions please reach out on Instagram or leave me a comment below.